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Herzrasen, Herzstolpern Katheterdiagnostik Klappen-Sprechstunde
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Schwindel: Neurologie und Kardiologie Ablation, Laserballon, neue Therapie Renale Denervation bei Bluthochdruck Katheter-Klappen
Schlaganfall, "Gefäß-Check" Rhythmus-Sprechstunde Herzinfarkt: Diagnostik und Therapie Mitra-Clip
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Contrast Echocardiography

Ultrasound contrast agents have improved the ability to depict the functions of the heart chambers. Today, it is even possible to view and analyze myocardial perfusion.

Ultrasound contrast agents have improved the ability to depict the functions of the heart chambers. Today, it is even possible to view and analyze myocardial perfusion. 
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is one of the most advanced imaging techniques available and is used in specialist centers and cardiology departments. CEUS is an important addition to array of diagnostic tools for answering many questions in cardiology.
Tiny micro bubbles are administered intravenously and enter the minute capillaries in the lungs and then are distributed throughout the body. The bubbles (approx. 1 micrometer) contain contrast-agents which make them visible through advanced ultrasound technology. The micro-bubbles reflect and emit harmonic oscillations when exposed to ultrasound due to special properties in the contrast-agent. The results can be displayed very specifically.  Any sort of noise interference and the signals from the heart muscle or valves are also eliminated. This creates an image showing the distribution of bubbles in the blood, especially in the ventricle and the heart tissue itself. Thus, the visibility of the heart walls and spaces will be improved so that there is no significant difference in the determination of relevant cardiac volumes in comparison to cardiac MRI.
The ultrasound contrast agent colors the blood which is not actually visible in the ultrasound. 
This usually achieves a good result in patients from whom a satisfactory image cannot be obtained without a contrast agent. Therefore,   additional examinations are unnecessary.
Kontrastechokardiographie: Darstellung der Herzhölen
Contrast agent in left heart Chamber

If there is uncertainty, for example, the presence of a possible blood clot in the heart following a heart attack, the contrast echo can provide additional security. Unlike X-ray contrast agents, renal function here is not a contra-indication.Generally speaking, the contrast agents are well tolerated. The gas bubbles dissolve after a few minutes, and the gas is then exhaled through the lungs. Ultrasound contrast agents are an important help in the context of stress echocardiography. In obese patients ultrasound imaging can be especially difficult or impeded. In such cases, contrast agents can be used successfully. This is important when alternative methods (CT or MRI) are not desired or may not be technically feasible. They are also useful in the representation of myocardial perfusion. The blood flow in the finest blood vessels of the heart can be visualized using CEUS.


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