Vorsorge Herz-Kreislauf




Brustschmerz: Diagnostik,
Prävention, "check-up" / Herz-Check
Herzrasen, Herzstolpern Katheterdiagnostik Klappen-Sprechstunde
Luftnot: Pneumologie und Kardiologie, Lungenhochdruck Vorhofflimmern, Portal, Sport Ballondilatation, Stent Klappen-Diagnostik
Schwindel: Neurologie und Kardiologie Ablation, Laserballon, neue Therapie Renale Denervation bei Bluthochdruck Katheter-Klappen
Schlaganfall, "Gefäß-Check" Rhythmus-Sprechstunde Herzinfarkt: Diagnostik und Therapie Mitra-Clip
Diagnoseklinik Event Recorder Kreislauf- u. Gefäßerkrankungen TAVI (Katheter-Herzklappe)




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Cardio-CT (Kalk-score, Angiographie) neue Techniken, Schlaganfall-Prophylaxe, Rhythmuschirurgie Über uns  
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Zweite Meinung Vorhofohrverschluss (occluder) Fachgesellschaften, Kongresse  
Luftnot, PAH, Herz und Lunge home-monitoring, Telemetrie,
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Interdisciplinary Check-up and Prevention-Programs

An internationally renewed team of experts for diagostics, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases developed a check-up and prevention program based on most recent interantional guidelines and recommendations. Adapted to your personal situation and needs you can chose from a large variety of programs and plans.The Heart Team provides comprehensive cardio-services and is closely connected with other teams here in the Isar Medical Center. Personalized Medicine and Care is more than a statement at the Isar Heart Center.

Calcification of arteries (arteriosclerosis) is one of the chief death causes in industrial nations. The disease frequently already sets in during young adulthood and progresses slowly over years and decades. As consequence, heart attacks, strokes or diseases in other vessels can occur. Adapted to your personal needs and possible former diseases, we shall be glad to select the optimal diagnostic and examination program for you, together with your primary treating doctor or specialist.
Cardiac- and cerebral diseases frequently have the same causes. Specialists for neurology, cardiology and neuro-radiology have developed a differentiated examination program for recognition of risk constellations in an early stage and to undertake the appropriate preventive procedures. Should you have an increased risk profile for a stroke or already have neurologic symptoms, differentiated examination (diagnostic) programs can be offered.
Vertigo and dizziness are among the most frequent symptom complexes and can have multiple causes. The examination program “vertigo” was developed, in order to quickly and exactly exclude dangerous causes (valve defects/ heart rhythm disorders) and to avoid unnecessary repetitive examinations. Vertigo diagnostics by only one doctor means maximum comfort and safety for the patient. Your primary treating doctor has only one contact person, who has already discussed your findings together with an interdisciplinary team.
An internationally renowned expert team has developed an examination program for you, should you suffer from dyspnea. The optimal diagnostics and therapy in cases of dyspnea are an interdisciplinary challenge. However, frequently there is lack of time and occasion for an extensive discussion about the symptoms or findings in these cases. Adapted to your personal needs (requirements) and possible former diseases, we select the optimal examination program 
The symptom complex chest pain can have many causes. Often the clinical course defines which clinical field is primarily chosen. For this reason, we have developed an interdisciplinary examination program, with which the symptom chest pain can be exactly and safely clarified. Important: All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are also available in case of an emergency.

Non of the above mentioned programs is non flexible. We take care, that your personal and individual needs are met. In case of relevant findings during the check-up procedure we carefully advise our customers and patients to proceed to a meaningful next step in the diagnostic cascade. We thoroughly explain the next steps based on currend guidelines and scientific concepts. Thereby we attemp to avoid unnessessary or meaningless tests or procedures. If applicable, we can extend our services to aspects of traditional chinese medicine.

Interdisciplinary check-up programs - Further information available

For several symptoms a close interdisciplinary approach is the key. Physicians of various specialisations, leading in their field, developed a new perspective based on a team approach. This allows us to be very focused in case you already have specific symptoms. All related specialists are available in the ISAR Medical Center - thereby we avoid additional appointments and save your valuable time.

Prevention and interdisciplinary 
Check-up programs - International


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