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Brustschmerz: Diagnostik,
Prävention, "check-up" / Herz-Check
Herzrasen, Herzstolpern Katheterdiagnostik Klappen-Sprechstunde
Luftnot: Pneumologie und Kardiologie, Lungenhochdruck Vorhofflimmern, Portal, Sport Ballondilatation, Stent Klappen-Diagnostik
Schwindel: Neurologie und Kardiologie Ablation, Laserballon, neue Therapie Renale Denervation bei Bluthochdruck Katheter-Klappen
Schlaganfall, "Gefäß-Check" Rhythmus-Sprechstunde Herzinfarkt: Diagnostik und Therapie Mitra-Clip
Diagnoseklinik Event Recorder Kreislauf- u. Gefäßerkrankungen TAVI (Katheter-Herzklappe)




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Consultation (outpatients) valvular heart disease

Diagnosis and treatment of valvular heart disease at the Isar Heart Center: Specialists in cardiology and cardiac surgery working together in the field of valvular heart disease.

The treatment of heart valve disease is an interdisciplinary task. Therefore, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and radiologists at the Isar Heart Center offer a modern examination and treatment concept: at IHC, you are treated by a true heart team.
All diagnostic methods and treatment procedures are performed by highly experienced examiners.

If a particular medication treatment does not achieve its goal, the cardiac team discusses the best alternative options for you. If a cardiac surgical intervention becomes necessary, the findings can be discussed on the spot, and a colleague from heart surgery is there to answer your questions. Working together, we will find the best path to your recovery.

The shortest route to heart solutions - in Munich at Sendlinger Tor

A diagnosis of cardiac valvular disease can be unsettling for many patients. Very often, most chronic disease symptoms remain unnoticed for some time and even cases for which there may be an urgent need for treatment, there may be only a few minor symptoms. Typical indications of a heart valve disease include: 
Limited vitality
  • A shortness of breath during exercise, at rest or when lying down
  • Swelling of the legs (leg edema)
  • Dizziness, fainting (syncope)
  • Chest pain during exercise
  • Cardiac arrhythmias

When such symptoms arise, the patient is often confronted with the recommendation from the attending physician for a rapid intervention or heart surgery. We are optimally prepared for such procedures and have set up a special clinic for valvular heart disease here at the Isar Heart Center. Our heart team is also available if a second opinion is needed. 

Your GP or specialist doctor can refer you specifically to our interdisciplinary special consultation. For the planning and implementation of heart valve surgery at the Isar Heart Center, our team of specialists in cardiology and cardiac surgery offer leading specialist care in this particular field. In advance, we would like to discuss with the colleagues treating you exactly which documents and test results are most helpful for a targeted examination and treatment. At your first appointment in our clinic we would ask you to bring, if available, the following documents (also as digital data , i.e. CD-R/DVD):

  • Recent medical reports and previous hospitalizations
  • X-ray image of the lungs (if not older than 4 weeks)
  • If available, surgical findings from previous heart operations
  • Echocardiography (heart ultrasound)
  • Cardiac catheter examination
  • Computed tomography (cardiac CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (cardiac MRI)
  • Pacemaker or other medical ID cards
Based on these findings, we can then decide together what further treatment strategy is most appropriate for you personally. Patients with the following symptoms can find information on our heart valve consultation, the individual diseases and the therapies available here at the Isar Heart Center, as well as possible alternative methods. 

Heart Valve Team at Isar Heart Center

The cardiac team of Isar Heart Center has long-standing expertise in the treatment of congenital or acquired heart valve defects. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Klaus Tiemann led the specialized outpatient clinic for adults with congenital and acquired heart defects at the University Hospital in Bonn and is a renowned specialist for gentle imaging techniques with echocardiography and cardiac MRI. 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Leber was Director of the Heart Valve Program at Bogenhausen Hospital in Munich and at the renowned University of Sunnybrook in Toronto. In his supervising capacity, he not only performed numerous minimal-invasive heart valve surgeries (including TAVI & MitraClip procedures) in his own clinic, but also established this technique in other centers.
“Combining the latest imaging with long-term catheter-practice allows us also to perform complex procedures.” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Klaus Tiemann continues, “Imaging is the primary tool for diagnosis, and through the optimal use of all imaging modalities, we can select for the patient the least aggressive method and work with our colleagues in cardiac surgery to elect the best method of treatment."
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
A. Leber
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
S. Wassmann
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Valve Diagnostics
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transcath valve (TAVI)
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